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Ard Defence is an ARD GROUP HOLDING CORPORATION Subsidiary. (EN) (TR)
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The defense industry of a nation is an indicating factor of its economic and political power. In this context, this industry constantly needs change, innovation, and modernization in line with the technological developments of the world. Defense technologies, which have many product segments ranging from military vests and apparel to weapon systems within the scope of defense technologies, are a phenomenon in which innovation and modernization are sustained.

Defense technologies are also gaining importance within the scope of auditing and security. Accordingly, tools and software are needed to detect persons and objects for bomb disposal, and protection can be provided for open and closed military zones. In the same vein, especially for border security, the importance of mobile technologies has also increased.

In this context, ARD DEFENCE continues to work with great determination and expertise utilizing its vast experience along with its national and international facilities and capabilities to develop our defense industry and participate in the modernization projects of our armed forces.