Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Under the Human Resources Policy, the ARD GROUP HOLDING aims to carry out the activities in the group companies effectively and efficiently, implement personnel employment in a planned manner, and put its principles of continuity to practice by providing the necessary training for its staff.

Our primary responsibilities in our human resources policy are;

  • Employing qualified personnel
  • Contributing to the development of our employees
  • Increasing the motivation of all staff
  • Realizing social responsibility projects
  • Improve and strengthen the organization
  • Total reward management
  • Increasing employee motivation and loyalty

ARD Group Employment Opportunities

Regardless of the department evaluating, our candidates must have the core competencies such as determination, teamwork, communication, collaboration development, result orientation, creativity and entrepreneurship, development of themselves and peers, adapting and managing changes, and customer sensitivity.

When evaluating candidates who are new graduates or experienced candidates following the requirements of the position, a competency-based interview, professional personality inventory, a foreign language proficiency assessment, and assessment center applications are all tools of the hiring process.

For your applications, you can send your CV to [email protected].

In line with its vision and mission, the ARD GROUP HOLDING expects all personnel in the company to have the following competencies, as well as the relevant experience which will contribute to their corporate values and work.
  • Contact
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Continuity

ARD GROUP HOLDING provides corporate training opportunities suitable to the needs to develop the knowledge of the staff it employs.

Social Responsibility Projects

We make sure that all projects that we support are long-term and will be socially beneficial with permanent benefits to create sustainable effects.

To supporting and implement environmental and social projects, we have been contributing to the development of individuals since the beginning by participating in developing local economies and by aspiring to be a pioneer in the protection of the environment and sustain economic growth.

While we grow rapidly with confidence;

  • We provide our customers with the best service tailored to their needs.
  • We respect the health of our employees, society, and consumers.
  • We prioritize children in corporate social responsibility projects.
  • We are aware of our responsibilities as a manufacturer; we know the importance of supporting sustainable environmental projects.
  • We support projects involving culture, arts, education, and sports that will contribute to the development of society.