Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where can we get detailed information about software licenses?

You can get information about all software licenses by calling 0850 251 8 427 (ARD).

2.What are your privacy principles?

On the registration form of the site’s user database, users should provide all contact information (e.g., name, address, phone, and e-mail address). This information is used for content entry, in emergencies and invoice deliveries.

Users can have their records deleted from the system upon request. The financial information obtained will be used in collecting the price of the products and services purchased and in other necessary cases according to the contract. Personal data can be used to log in to the system and, if necessary, to verify the identity of the individual.

Statistical information and profile information are also collected. This information can be used for monitoring visitor movements, providing personalized content, and other situations required by contract. There are also links to other sites on our site.

3.How is data security provided?

Thanks to the SSL Security Certificate and credit card collection, your credit card information is transmitted to our bank in encrypted with Secure Socket Layer.

Your credit card number is never stored. We cannot even view it when you make a transaction. Although transactions are made through our site, your credit card information remains a secret between you and our bank.

Our site works with the world standard Microsoft Windows Servers technology. The latest protections have been installed and are monitored continuously to prevent mishaps.